Alix Bailey
From a review of Blue Mountain Gallery Group Show at Painting Perceptions,- Whistler’s early belief in art for art’s sake came from an insistence that meaning should come only from what can be seen on the canvas. This attitude is reflected in Alix Bailey’s Self Portrait Mantel, which suggests a musicality with the harmonies of color tonalities that Whistler would appreciate. He often titled his paintings Symphony in White and Pink, etc. Bailey’s self-portrait with white apron is perhaps more of a sonatina than a symphony; a solo affair–quieter, subtle. There is a lyrical simplicity to her investigation of form, space and light; an orchestration of perfectly pitched notes of tone and color. The resolving chord of the figure’s pale blue blouse and brown hair against the ethereal pale green mantel and interior space is enormously satisfying and makes it difficult to move on to the next painting. -Larry Groff